What are the benefits of dry needling therapy?

what is dry needling therapy?

The idea of inserting needles in the body to eliminate pain may sound counter-intuitive, but it often works for many people for a wide range of injuries and aliemtns.  A bulk of evidence has shown the benefits of “dry needling therapy” to lower chronic physical pain.

Whether you have musculoskeletal pain, low back pain, or dysfunction pain in your neck, dry needling therapy can be an effective solution to reduce the intensity and speed up your healing process.

If you’re wondering how dry needling therapy works, we have you covered here. This blog includes everything you need to know about dry needling therapy and its benefits.

Understanding Dry Needling Therapy

Dry needling therapy is typically one of the more advanced techniques used to relieve muscular pain. The treatment is gaining popularity as it is practical, safe and effective.

During the therapy, a practitioner places numerous filiform needles into the skin.  The needles are made of stainless steel and are short and fine.  They don’t insert any fluid into the body.  Hence, the adjective “dry” needling reflects that.

Our trained professionals insert fine needles in the tissues or muscles.  This process is referred to as intramuscular stimulation.  These points are places where the muscle is firm or knotted.

According to Health time Australia, it is a western scientific treatment in which the needle aids in the knot’s release and eases any associated spasms or muscle pain.  The needles puncture your skin for a brief amount of time.  While the dry needling therapy can typically be completed in a standard consultation, the duration may vary depending on the injury or aliment being treated.


How Can Dry Needling Therapy Benefit Me?

While dry needling therapy is excellent for muscle relaxation, it can offer you plenty of other health benefits.  Below we have listed the three most popular benefits of dry needling therapy.


Aid in Improving Range of Motion

Dry needling therapy aids in enhancing an injury’s general range of motion by releasing pressure and tension in trigger points.  Keep in mind that fluid movement and a complete range of motion are essential for your success if you’re sportsperson who needs lots of activity and movement.

For instance, when throwing a baseball successfully, baseball players must have a complete range of motion on their shoulders.  Your shoulder is continuously under stress from throwing a baseball.  Therefore it’s critical to loosen your muscles and eliminate tension.

To prevent ongoing discomfort in the shoulders or other injuries, dry needling can assist in lessening this pain and enhance your shoulder’s general function.


Speed Up Healing or Recovery

Safely keeping your body moving and active is typically the best approach to healing your recovery, regardless of whether you were injured or underwent surgery.  Physical therapy is one of the integral parts of the treatment during your recovery.  Adding dry needling therapy to physical therapy can be an effective way to accelerate this process.


Relieve Muscle Tightness and Pain

Dry needling targets trigger areas, which makes it an efficient method of reducing pain in particular body parts.

The needles help release or ease the pressure, chemicals, tension, and inflammation in the muscles causing the pain. It results in quick pain alleviation and enhanced range of motion.


Summing Up

Dry needling therapy is a tried and tested treatment to lower muscle pain and tension.  However, make sure you only choose the most reputed and experienced therapist.  At Rosanna Physio we have the dry needling experience and education to get the best results from your needling therapy.

Call us on (03) 9457 2336 or book online to experience the benefits of dry needling therapy firsthand and get back to doing the things you love in life pain free.

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