How Much Does a Session Of Physiotherapy Cost?

How Much Does a Session Of Physiotherapy Cost?
What Are Typical Physio Prices & Fees?

For people seeking relief from physical injuries and accidents, physiotherapy is an essential service in Melbourne, a city with an excellent standard of healthcare.  For both locals and guests, figuring out how much these treatments would cost may be a difficult undertaking though. 

This blog explores the diverse terrain of physiotherapy costs in Melbourne.  The physiotherapy fees in this busy city varies greatly, depending on the type of treatment, the therapist’s experience, and the practice’s location.  Private clinics and public health alternatives are among the possibilities available.

Anyone thinking about physiotherapy in Melbourne should be aware of these physiotherapist pricing dynamics in order to make well-informed decisions that fit their demands both financially and in terms of health.

So, How Much Does a Session Cost?

Does Medicare cover any of the costs?

Are you wondering how much does physio cost in Australia?  That being said, there isn’t a universal solution because pricing of a session cost can vary greatly. 

Consider this: the average fee of a first-time check-up for physio prices is probably going to be between $100 – $130.  The cost for any further visits average cost typically falls between $90 – $110.

We at Rosanna Physio have a transparent fees and rates structure.  As of December 2023, you will be charged $99 for an initial consultation and $90 for a review consultation.  For a limited time we are offering initial consults for just $75 (details provided at the bottom of this blog).

If you have a Medicare Enhance Primary Care (EPC) Plan, you will pay $80 (for either initial or review appts) and get $58.30 back on the spot through Medicare.  It’s not that difficult, is it?

For those with insurance, private health funds provide varying levels reimbursement depending on your level of cover, so it’s best to check with them.

Why Do Physio Prices Vary In Melbourne?

Aren't I getting the same service where ever I go?

Wondering how much you’ll pay for physiotherapy sessions and what you’ll get for your money? 

It’s a big deal when you’re searching for the perfect physiotherapist and need the right information. 

Prices do change from place to place, but what’s more important is the value you’re getting for your cash. 

Figuring out how good a service is before you actually give it a go can be a bit of a puzzle. 

But don’t worry; below are some easy tips to help you decide if the physio clinic you’re eyeing is the right fit for you.

Get rid of your neck pain once and for all at our physio clinic

When you’re looking around for a good physio, and asking is physiotherapy right for me, here are some easy tips to keep in mind:

  • Check out the team:  Can you easily find info about the staff online? Do they talk about their special skills and know-how?
  • Look for real reviews:  Are there testimonials from actual patients? And hey, are there any about the specific service or physio you’re thinking about?
  • Experience matters:  There’s a big difference between a fresh-out-of-school physio and one who’s been doing this for years, with extra training to boot.

Physiotherapy Fees vs Investment

Seeing Physiotherapy As A Wise Investment

A lot of potential clients think private physiotherapy is out of their budget, but let’s discuss  and provide information on why it might actually be a smart use of your money.  Instead of seeing it just as an expense, think of it as investing in your own health and well-being. 

If you weigh the costs against the benefits, getting back to your favorite activities, work, and normal life faster can really help not just your wallet but also your mental and physical health.

Since public health physiotherapists are still catching up after the pandemic patients rush, wait times for treatments and checks have increased over the long term.

Imagine if you’re a self-employed builder with a knee injury or an office worker with a sore back from sitting all day.  Waiting that long can be a huge financial strain, not to mention stressful and anxiety-inducing.

Waiting too long for physiotherapists treatment can lead to a higher chance of long-term pain and mental health troubles, which ends up costing everyone more – that means you, your family, your boss, and even the public health and social welfare systems.  So when you ask yourself how does physio cost, be sure to view those fees in light of the benefits they provide, and the negative situations those costs steer you clear from.

Reasons to Pay For Private Physiotherapist Sessions

What Is The Difference With Public Health Physio?

Public Health hasn’t quite figured out a fix for these long clients wait time yet.  But have you ever considered going the private clinic route for help?  You might be wondering, why choose that path?  Well, private physios usually can see you within 24 hours of asking, plus:

  • The cost is often less than the loss of income from not working.
  • Managing pain can be tough, but a little guidance goes a long way.
  • Often, just a session or two can start your journey to recovery.
  • More complex cases like patients post-surgery or severe injuries might cost more, but EPC plans can help manage expenses.
Get expert sports physio and exercise physiology care at our physio clinic

What Does A Private Physiotherapist Do In A Session?

How Will You Help With My Conditions?

  • We start with an in-depth assessment of your issue with information gathering, questions and a detailed physical exam
  • We create a personalised client treatment plan for you, focusing on exercises, advice, and any manual therapy that might help.
  • We work with you every step of the way to get you back to where you want to be, enjoying the things you love doing in life pain free again.
  • In very rare cases where we can’t help, we’ll refer you to a trusted medical professional.

Can I Have Private And Public Health Physio At The Same Time?

Hey, did you know you can totally do a public health physiotherapy session and private ones at the same time?  It’s pretty common, actually.  We work alongside public health consultants and physios a lot, and it helps them out by cutting down their workload and wait times.

Sometimes, we can even sort out your issue so you don’t need to see a public health physio at all.

But there are times when sticking with the public health physiotherapy for ongoing care is the best move.  Don’t worry, your physio will walk you through the right information on what’s best for your specific situation during your sessions.

The Bottom Line - If You Need Physio, You Should Take Action Today & Book An Appointment

If you stumbled upon this physiotherapy blog while searching for physiotherapy prices in Melbourne, but now you’re thinking more about managing your pain, it’s time to take a step.  Start by Googling “physio near me” to get the help you need. 

Have a look at our last physiotherapy blog to find the right physiotherapist for you and see how we can assist with your physiotherapy needs in Melbourne.  

Trusting a physio could be a great value for your money and the key to getting you back to feeling your best.  Whether it’s back pain, a sore knee, tennis elbow or any other physiotherapy issue, we can help.

The path back to pain-free movement starts with an initial physiotherapists appointment and thorough personal assessment of your injury.  After your first session you will have a clear plan on next steps and how to get back to doing the things you love in life again.

Take control today and get rid of your injuries once and for all by booking in online for an initial consult or call our friendly Reception on (03) 4821 5023 to get leading physiotherapy treatment at our clinic.

New Patients only pay $75 for their first consult, use code NEW75 when speaking to Reception or booking online.

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