Tired of Missing out on having fun with your Kids / Grandkids because of Low Back Issues?

Rosanna Physio Explains the Effective Treatment Protocol that has been helping locals Overcome Long Term Low Back Pain.

...without Expensive Medications or Surgeries.

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One of the most frustrating things in the world is not being able to participate in life’s most enjoyable activities because your body isn’t cooperating.  An unfortunate fact is that many people in the world today have to miss out on life because of debilitating low back pain.

Many Low Back Pain sufferers over the age of 50 are quick to blame their condition on advancing age. 


While age does play a factor, there is usually a deeper cause to why their low back is in such bad shape.

The good news is that once you understand the usual core causes of low back pain in people around the ages of 50 – 75, you can actually do something about it with some very simple and inexpensive treatments.  

Once you understand what is actually causing your low back pain, you can actually do a lot to avoid the things that caused it (and finally be rid of the pain that you might have been dealing with for years).


So… If you are over the age of 50, what are the most likely culprits that have caused low back pain and kept you from experiencing life to the fullest?


What are the Most Likely Causes of Chronic Low Back Pain when You're Over 50?


Low Back Pain can be caused by a lot of different things but, in people between the ages of 50 – 75, there are some usual culprits that are most likely the cause.


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So now that you’ve learned a little bit about some of the most common causes of Low Back Pain in Older Adults, what can you do to deal with those issues and start relieving that pain that is being caused (and get back to functioning at a higher level)?

The Treatment Protocol We've Been Successfully Using to Help People over the Age of 50 to Get Relief from Their Low Back Pain.

Rosanna Physio
Low Back Pain Treatment Protocol:

We are a family owned business that has been operating for over 30 years.  During this time we’ve focused our clinic on helping seniors beat low back pain.  While some clinics focus on being a “catch all” provider, we have been dialling in our procedure for helping patients who suffer from a few specific ailments.


After working with hundreds of people who have been afflicted with low back pain for years, we’ve developed a treatment protocol that is specifically tailored to the body of people 50 and over.  Because of this focus we’ve developed a safe and medication free Low Back Pain treatment that has been very successful.

Our Special Treatment Protocol uses a combination of Technology assisted strength analysis, Gentle Spinal and Hip Adjustments and Rehab Protocol, as well as a Focused personal Home Rehabilitation program.


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The Careful Combination of these treatments can help you overcome years of wear and tear that you may have put your body through.  Our Low Back Pain Treatment Protocol works well because we push your body only as far as it needs to go at each treatment.  We take special care to never overdo it or push your body too fast.

Most of the low back issues we see took years to develop and we make sure that we give your body the adequate amount of time that it needs to adapt to treatment.  

Our success rate with this condition is based on the fact that we always allow your body to do what it needs to do.  No two patient’s low back conditions are alike and we make sure that we treat each condition as such.  This is critical in making sure that you heal as quickly as possible, while staying safe.


How Do I know if the Rosanna Physio Low Back Treatment Program is Right For Me?

You Should Know Exactly What Caused Your Problem and the Best Options to Fix it... Before You Make Any Big Decisions...

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We have a very Simple Policy here at Rosanna Physio.  We don’t do any treatment until you understand exactly what is causing your low back pain and you know what your options for fixing it are (even if fixing it involves something outside of what our clinic can provide.)  We work for you and our job is to make sure you know all of the options out there and can make an informed decision.

The Rosanna Physio “Low Back Pain Treatment Protocol” works Like This:

How do I Get In to Rosanna Physio and See if the Low Back Protocol can Help Me?


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