Lower Back Pain Physio Treatment & Exercises

At Rosanna Physio, we can strongly attest that lower back pain is a pervasive health concern that can drastically impact an individual’s quality of life, often leading to significant discomfort and functional impairment.

Physiotherapy treatments and exercises have a large body of evidence as an effective solution to this debilitating issue, offering a non-pharmacological and non-invasive approach that is often recommended as a first-line treatment.

From years of experience in treating lower back pain, we know certain physiotherapy methods such as Mat Pilates, spinal manipulation, and movement control exercises have demonstrated impressive success in reducing pain and improving function at our clinic.  We are also a big fan of strategies such as yoga, walking, and mobilisation and manipulation therapies to get people moving pain-free again.

Understanding Your Low Back Pain Causes

In order to effectively manage and treat lower back pain, our physiotherapists are not only well trained but have many years’ experience understanding lower back pain’s complexity, prevalence, and the various strategies employed in its diagnosis and management.

Did you know that lower back pain affects 60 – 80% of the population at some point in their lives?  

Despite its prevalence, the causes of lower back pain are often non-specific, accounting for over 90% of cases.  This means that it is imperative that management strategies are tailored to the underlying mechanisms driving the pain and disability. 

Without accurately diagnosing the root cause of your lower back pain, there is little hope in effectively treating it.  That’s why our physiotherapy examination plays a crucial role in the diagnostic triage process. 

Ignoring lower back pain never cures it - back pain is very common and readily treatable. Get the help you need today at Rosanna Physio.

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Your Spine and Back Pain

While lower back pain can be a debilitating condition, physiotherapy offers a viable solution, providing significant pain reduction and improved movement.  Through manual therapy techniques such as massage and joint mobilisations, the physiotherapists at Rosanna Physio can alleviate discomfort and restore mobility.  Our tailored exercise programs enhance this process, focusing on range of motion, flexibility, and strength.

A tailored lower back pain treatment program from one of our experienced Physiotherapists will provide the following benefits for back pain (click on the blue headings below to learn more):

High Level Physiotherapy Approach for Lower Back Pain Treatment

You’re probably now thinking, “What are the key approaches that your team uses to effectively address lower back pain?”  Here is a typical high level overview of how we approach treating lower back pain (noting that each treatment plan is very specific & detailed for each inidivdual patient we see – remember that nearly 90% of lower back pain causes are non-specific and must be tailored to the individual for a successful outcome):

  1. A detailed and thorough biomechanical evaluation is always utilised to customise treatments as per the needs of each patient, underlining the importance of clinical assessment in triaging lower back pain patients.
  2. Typically, our starting focus is on non-invasive techniques like manual therapy, involving massages and joint mobilisations to reduce pain and enhance mobility.
  3. Once sufficient movement and pain reduction has been achieved, our Physiotherapists tailor a personal graded exercise program, incorporating a range of mobility and strengthening exercises for pain relief and rehabilitation.
  4. Movement control exercises, key components of exercise therapy, have demonstrated positive effects in reducing disability and pain in non-specific lower back pain and will often be employed by our expert lower back pain team.

Our ultimate aim is to work with you every step of the way to ensure you improve function, reduce pain, and facilitate a safe return to regular activities and enjoying life pain free again.

At Home Exercises for Your Low Back Pain & Lumbar Spine Discs

You may just be looking for some exercises to try at home first before you seek professional help?  

The following targeted exercises form an essential part of any physiotherapy treatment for lower back pain, contributing significantly to pain reduction and enhanced mobility.

These exercises mainly aim to strengthen the muscles supporting the spine, enhance flexibility, and promote better posture.  A regular at home exercise routine using the below exercises may alleviate pain and also prevent its recurrence if your situation is not too advanced.

Here are four top exercises for lower back pain you can try at home (be safe, take your time getting down and up from the floor, start lightly and stop immediately if you feel any kind of sharp or unpleasant pain – click on each image below):


This exercise strengthens the gluteus muscles, which are vital for supporting the spine.

Knee-to-chest stretches

This stretch improves the flexibility of your lower back, providing relief from pain.

Hip crossover stretches

This exercise helps in relieving tension in your lower back and trunk (can be done without medicine ball).

Press-up back extensions

This exercise improves lower back mobility, reducing stiffness and pain.

Getting The Right Professional Treatments For Your Lumbar Back Pain

Ignoring lower back pain never cures it.  If you are experiencing lower back pain that is affecting your quality of life and stopping you from doing the things you love, we can help you today.  From your first appointment we will begin the treatment process to start improving your mobility and reducing your pain.

With over 30 years experience, the team at Rosanna Physio has the education and experience to accurately diagnose the root cause of your lower back pain. Once the root cause is understood, we will safely guide you through the following four phases of recovery:

  • Lower back pain relief and protection from further injury
  • Restoring normal function and early strengthening exercises
  • Complete restoring of full normal function
  • Ensuring long-term prevention of lower back pain reoccurrence

The longer you put off professional treatment, the more accustomed your lower back, and its supporting muscles, become to this dysfunctional way of moving and the longer it will take to return you to pain free and fluid movement. Don’t put up with lower back pain any longer, it’s not worth the risk.

Take control today and get rid of your lower back pain once and for all by booking in online or call (03) 9457 2336 to see one of our experienced physiotherapists.

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