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Are you interested in learning more about Mat Pilates classes but don’t know where to start?  

Which mat classes are ideal for me may be a question you have asked yourself if Pilates is new to you.  

At Rosanna Physio, we offer small matwork classes of 1 – 3 people to ensure a high instructor to student ratio giving the most benefit to our clients in a safe amount of space. 

Please read on to understand more about our matwork classes and whether they would meet your strength, fitness and mobility needs.

Since there are so many classes to select from, we want to assist you in finding the mat class that is best for you.  

Here we’ll provide you all the pilates class information you need to assess whether matwork Pilates classes are a good fit for your level of fitness and your health objectives.

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What happens in Pilates Mat Classes?

Matwork classes are a set of movements for the entire physique that can help with range of motion, posture, balance, coordination, and strength.

Flowing movements on a mat using your own weight as resistance are the foundation of matwork classes, which takes you back to the genre’s origins.  

Matwork classes are beneficial for individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to specialists, because the variety of exercises may be altered to become harder or easier in the classes given.

Mat Pilates has several health & fitness advantages

A Matwork Pilates class has many benefits:

Greater Flexibility & Range of Movement

Eccentric stretching, a technique used in Matwork classes, uses dynamic stretching to gently and effectively lengthen muscles and build strength. 

These specific strengthening and stretching actions help relieve tension throughout the body by releasing tight muscles and increasing flexibility.

Whole-Body Toning With A Workout Near Me

Matwork classes are renowned for being a terrific technique to tone your entire physique, but it also works out your core.  As each exercise engages multiple muscles, you may target and tone every muscle in your body, from your head to your toes.

A Stronger Link Between The Mind & Body

A Pilates class is renowned for being a workout that benefits the body, mind, and spirit – much like a yoga class does. 

Due to emphasis on stretch, breathing, centring, and attention, a Matwork Pilates class is more than just a strenuous physical exercise and provides similar health benefits and improvement in quality of life that a yoga class does as well. 

Working with your breath and being mindful of yourself while practising in a matwork Pilates class will help you feel aligned, renewed, and connected.

Pilates for Fat Loss

Although being low impact, a Matwork pilates class are still an effective fat burner.  After the workout is done, you will continue to burn calories and fat for several hours.

Improved Posture

To enhance posture and increase the efficiency of movement, a matwork Pilates class uses functional movements that engage all of the muscles at once.

Pilates Fundamentals Are Taught In Mat Classes

Your instructors will teach you the fundamental mat positions, vocabulary, and methods in matwork Pilates classes. 

The fundamentals of matwork classes will be taught to you, including the c-curve, pelvic stability, spinal articulation, and breath work to activate your abdominal muscles. You can use this to establish a solid foundation for future workout sessions.

Pilates Competencies Learned On The Mat Transfer To Equipment Use

The majority of pilates teachers / pilates instructors concur that regular matwork sessions directly correlates to proficiency on the pilates reformer apparatus. 

It will be simpler for you to transition over if you wish to attempt Reformer Pilates because all matwork activities are connected in part to equipment movements.

Reduced Anxiety

Matwork Pilates classes are a great method to take a break from things that are stressing you out and get your mind back on track by paying special attention to each motion, your breath, and your goals.  You will feel a reduction in your stress levels after one of our classes.

What is the difference between a Pilates reformer and Matwork?

The principles popularised by Joseph Pilates are the foundation for both matwork and using a reformer bed in these two different style of classes.  

You should be aware that there are certain variances between the two types of classes:

  • Matwork Pilates: You don’t need anything unique or additional for the movements; instead, you utilise your own weight as resistance.
  • Pilates Reformer: Founded on the Reformer, a flatbed reformer is used for the Pilates movements. The resistance is provided by a series of pulleys and springs known as a Reformer Pilates bed.
Mat Pilates is a great way to build flexibility, strength and fitness

Steps for beginning Matwork classes for everyone just starting

A Matwork Pilates class is fantastic for everyone. If you are new to Mat Pilates, consider the following advice from our pilates team for your first Mat Pilates class:

  • Be patient and give yourself time to adapt in each class
  • Concentrate on controlling, methodical movements and your full range of motion
  • Always remember you will get better with practice and each pilates class you take
  • Focus on the mind / body connection, especially with your core
  • Pay attention to your breath, the space around you and have fun!

Are you interested in taking your first class With Us?

A Matwork class is an effective style of exercise to raise your strength and body awareness, tone your entire physique, increase your flexibility, correct your posture, and generally improve your mood and quality of life.  Our classes provide a lot of enjoyment for people and their quality of life.

At Rosanna Physio, our team makes sure that our classes are all about you and we love teaching people from the surrounding community.  

Our Team is here to make the most of your matwork class workout so you can feel good and look terrific.

If you’re looking for pilates classes near me, please call our friendly reception on (03) 9457 2336 or book online for a session.  

Our team takes Mat Pilates clients from all across the north east melbourne metro community for our classes and we’d love to see you too.  We are located just 13km north east of the Melbourne CBD just behind Heidelberg.

We hope to see you enjoying your first class with us soon!

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