Shoulder pain

It's common for shoulders to become strained or injured through daily use - we can help!

Think about how often we are using our shoulders and arms throughout the day – we rely on them almost constantly with just about everything we do. So it comes as no surprise that if we aren’t using our shoulders and arms correctly the chances of strain or injury go up significantly.

Add to this that the shoulder joint is quite unstable in relation to the other joints in the body, and it’s no wonder we see so many people coming to us for help for their strained or injured shoulders!​

We have the experience and know how to treat your shoulders to get you pain free again

With over 30 years experience treating strained and injured shoulders at Rosanna Physio, we have seen it all and know what it takes to get your shoulders pain free and functioning correctly again. In most cases, the people we see with shoulder issues either have weakened supporting shoulder muscles or have been using their shoulders with poor form and posture, or a combination of both – which we know how to effectively treat.

It's important to diagnose the cause of your shoulder pain as soon as possible!

A lot of our patients hold off in seeking treatment in the hope that their shoulder pain will “fix itself” – it very rarely does and what we see is the patient’s pain and injury is now much worse when they finally book an appointment and requires more intensive treatment plans, for longer durations, to get them back to pain free movement and enjoying life again.

The sooner someone comes into our clinic with shoulder pain, the sooner we can run a thorough assessment of their strain or injury and put an effective treatment plan in place, and the less time it will take to return them back to health.

If you are currently experiencing shoulder pain it’s best not to delay any longer, you should seek professional help and get rid of your shoulder pain once and for all.

Physiotherapy Exercises For Shoulder and Arm Pain

Shoulders are used in just about everything we do – so it’s important to have good form and function or injury may occur

We have the experience and know how to fix your shoulder pain - take control of the situation by booking in online or call (03) 9457 2336 to see one of our physiotherapists.

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