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Have you injured yourself while competing in sports or exercising?

Our team of skilled sports physiotherapists has the knowledge and experience to effectively treat any kind of sporting injury that requires physiotherapy, which means you no longer have to put up with the burden of persistent injuries. 

Whether you have a minor issue that just won’t heal or something more serious, we will create an effective treatment plan and provide services that are tailored to your specific requirements in order to meet all of your needs at our sports physio centre.

We provide effective care for all your physiotherapy needs to get you back to your best

Here at Rosanna Physiotherapy, your sports physiotherapy centre in the north east Melbourne suburbs, our physiotherapy team takes great pride in our ability to provide personalised care that is tailored to your unique requirements. 

We are committed to accurately diagnosing, preventing, treating, and rehabilitating any sports injuries you may have. 

We have been providing care to patients for more than 30 years, so we have seen it all. Our patients vary from weekend enthusiasts to professional and state level athletes, and we treat and provide physiotherapy services to everyone in between.

We take the time to understand your issue and build a safe & effective rehabilitation plan

Rebuilding your strength and fitness in a way that is both safe and effective is of the utmost importance, and our individualised physiotherapy assessment & treatment plans ensure that you do so in a way that is completely risk-free. 

If you try to rush things, you run the risk of reinjuring yourself, which would put you back at square one… or even put you in a worse position. 

When you’re trying to get better from frustrating and painful injuries, the last thing you need is for something else to get in the way.  

You need real time feedback from an experienced physiotherapy professional team that knows the tried and true methods to safely get you back to your pain free best.

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Our experienced Sports Physios will take the time to accurately diagnose the root cause of your injuries.

From head to toe, we have your injuries covered providing the full range of physio treatments & therapy

As your local & expert sports physio near me, who treat people all across Melbourne, we have extensive hands on experience in successfully treating the following common injuries with our tailored physiotherapy treatment exercise program:

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Regular running can take its toll on your muscles and joints that will get worse over time if not effectively treated

Don't risk further setbacks & injury - get the right professional physio advice, book a sports medicine consult with our team today

The most important principle we live by is to get our client back to their best as quickly as possible WITHOUT the risk of further pain or injuries.  Our sports medicine physiotherapists treatment programs focus on safety and lasting effectiveness.

The focus of our team of sports physiotherapists with their tailored therapy is to get you back exercising or competitive play without any backward steps or set backs.  

We are located in Rosanna and service the north east Melbourne area, we are your local & experienced sports physiotherapy near you.  Call today to book in for one of our tailored consultations.

frequently asked questions

What to expect on your first sports physio consult?

A complete assessment, the creation of a physiotherapy rehabilitation plan, potentially gait analysis and the application of chosen treatment methods (e.g. weights, clinical pilates, stretching regime, swimming, etc) according to your sports injuries needs and those of your body will all be included in your initial consultation. 

We’ll try to make any discomfort from the first session go away.

Throughout the recommended rehabilitation and education period, your progress will be monitored frequently to make sure it is proceeding as planned.

The length of a typical programme will depend on your condition and goals and can range from 6 to 12 weeks.

Do I need a referral for my sports injury?

There is no need for a referral for sports physiotherapy unless you have had an injury at work and are filing a Workcover claim, if you are a patient of Veteran’s Affairs, or if you are a Medicare beneficiary using the EPC programme.

To get the greatest outcome possible, we collaborate closely with your doctor. 

You can call our Reception on (03) 9457 2336 or book online to make a sports physiotherapy appointment without a referral.

What should I bring to my sports physio consult?​​

Please bring any referrals / paperwork (relevant for return to work, chronic pain / disease management plans, DVA claims) and / or X-rays.  

Do you accept Work Cover / DVA / TAC claims?​​

Yes. we accept Work Cover, DVA and TAC claims. 

Note: please call to arrange your Work Cover / DVA / TAC consultation. 

We do ask that you bring all the appropriate paperwork on your initial consultation to ensure there is no delay in treatment.

What is your cancellation policy?​​

We need at least 24 hours notice, so that your appointment slot can be given to someone on the waiting list if you cannot attend. 

If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you may be charged a late cancellation fee.

How long are the sports physio appointments​​

Initial & subsequent sports medicine appointments are typically 30 minutes. 

Longer appointments are available if arranged prior to your consultation.

How many sport injuries treatments / consultations do I need?​​

At Rosanna Physio Clinic, your local & experienced sports physiotherapy, we strive to get you back to full health and activity in as little treatments as possible.

One of our primary focus is further injury prevention & lasting sports rehabilitation and as such, the number of consults required will be based on the advice of your expert Sports Physiotherapist.

Will I be given injury prevention exercises to do?​​

You will be given a series of exercises (physical therapy movements) to speed up your recovery and prevent recurrence of the injury. All  exercises are trialled within your consultation to ensure they are appropriate for you at that time. 

This may consist in part of massage, strengthening and / or stretching exercises appropriate for the rehabilitation of your pain or injury. 

As some injuries or pains are ongoing or have been present for months or even years, home exercises allow for improvement to continue further between sports physiotherapy appointments. 

The more recovery we can produce at home, the less you will need to see us in the clinic.

Sports Physio Injuries Treatment

How To Get Over Sports Injuries Quickly & Safely WITHOUT Injections Or Painkillers, So You Can Get Back Doing What You Enjoy In Life!

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