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Ivanhoe is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and is part of the City of Banyule local government area. It is situated 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) north-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District. 13,374 people were residing in Ivanhoe as of the 2021 census. 



Early farming land, the “Chelsworth” farmhouse was constructed in 1860. The property’s history may be traced back to 1846, when Patrick Stevenson ran a nearby dairy farm. The residence is now a part of Ivanhoe Golf Course. 


On September 1st, 1874, Ivanhoe Post Office was established. On May 17, 1926, Ivanhoe North Post Office opened at Banksia Street on Waterdale Road. From 1955 through 1988, a post office served Ivanhoe West. 


Numerous streets in the region are named after characters in Sir Walter Scott’s book Ivanhoe.


Ivanhoe railway station’s main station structure was constructed in 1888.


The building “Clarivue,” dubbed “the grandest of the early mediaeval domestic revival homes in Heidelberg,” was constructed in 1913.


It became the location of the Ivanhoe RSL sub-branch in 1962. The structure was severely damaged by fire in April 2017. Since March 2022, no repairs or restorations have been made to the Studley Road Queen Ann style building, which is recognised as a national historic landmark. 


The Heidelberg Town Hall in Ivanhoe was inaugurated in 1937. As one of the most notable additions to suburban architecture in recent years, it was noticed at the time. Deeply recessed windows and doorways, a clock tower, carpeted lounges, a full-size concert platform with dressing rooms and hidden lighting, a supper room, a large foyer, cloakrooms, and a meeting room or third hall behind the main hall are all features of the building. It also has a full-size concert platform with dressing rooms. A kitchen was also included. The Heidelberg City Council’s council chamber and municipal offices are accessible by steps. 


The Heidelberg Children’s Free Library was established in 1938 and is located in the Heidelberg Town Hall in Ivanhoe.

Since the middle of the 1960s, dozens of homes along The Boulevard in Ivanhoe have participated in the yearly Boulevard Christmas lights festival. It started off as a neighbourhood gathering for locals. Later thereafter, the Banyule City Council got involved.


On October 8, 1965, Ivanhoe Library officially opened.


It was dismantled, and the Ivanhoe Library and Cultural Hub, which opened in 2021, took its place on the same property close to the old Town Hall. 


Population 12,171 persons were counted in Ivanhoe at the 2016 Census. People were born in Australia in 69.2% of cases. The following countries of birth had the next-highest percentages: China, 3.6%; England, 2.6%; India, 2.2%; Italy, 2.1%; and New Zealand, 1.3%. In their homes, 71.0% of persons only used English. Mandarin 4.4%, Greek 3.6%, Italian 3.5%, Cantonese 1.5%, and Spanish 0.9% were also spoken at home. Catholicism and No Religion both received 38.2% and 26.5% of the responses, respectively, regarding religion. 



The Yarra River, along with a golf course and a small riparian strip reserve, constitutes the suburb’s southern boundary. Along the suburb’s western edge, Darebin Creek flows.



Ivanhoe Cultural Hub & Library

Local historical and social significance can be found around the Upper Heidelberg road shopping centre strip known as Ivanhoe. While some buildings date back to the 19th century, the majority were constructed between 1915 and 1940. 


In February 2021, Ivanhoe Library & Cultural Hub was finished. The cutting-edge structure has a contemporary accessible library, an art gallery, conference and meeting spaces, consulting rooms for maternity and child health, a casual theatertte, and a cafe. The existing town hall, which is classified as a heritage building, has undergone a significant renovation as well. It is estimated to be worth $31 million. Banyule U3A uses it as one of its locations.  Ya rra Plenty Regional Library oversees Ivanhoe Library.


Banyule City Council manages Hatch Contemporary Arts Space, which will close in early 2021.


The oldest book club in Melbourne is Ivanhoe Reading Circle.


The former Heidelberg Town Hall’s portion, The Centre Ivanhoe, serves as a venue for events.


Ivanhoe’s Heidelberg Town Hall

The former Heidelberg Town Hall, now known as The Centre Ivanhoe, is located on Upper Heidelberg Road, which also serves as the neighborhood’s main thoroughfare. The town hall is a traditional “art-deco” structure perched on a hill, complete with a tower bearing a green neon clockface.


Transport Ivanhoe, which is situated in the area where Zones 1 and 2 of the public transportation system overlap, and Darebin, which is entirely inside Zone 1, are both located in the suburb.



Ivanhoe Grammar School, founded in 1915, and Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School are the two private institutions in the neighbourhood. Ivanhoe Primary School, founded in 1853, is one of Victoria’s oldest state schools and is located there. In August 2013, the Victorian State Government transferred the property of Bellfield Primary School, located at 229 Banksia Street in Ivanhoe, to the Banyule City Council. On the property, Stockland constructed a housing development. 


Sports Leagues

As of 2015, Ivanhoe City Soccer Club

Since 1910, Ivanhoe Amateur Football Club

Football club Old Ivanhoe Grammarians was founded.


Basketball club Ivanhoe Knights

Ivanhoe Youth Football Association

Cricket Club of Old Ivanhoe Grammarians

Ivanhoe Cricket Club, West Ivanhoe

Club de Cricket Ivanhoe

Athletic club Ivanhoe Harriers

Founded in 1912, Ivanhoe Bowls Club

Vasey Street’s Ivanhoe Golf Course.

In 1913, Ivanhoe Park Croquet Club was founded.

People of note

Ivanhoe-born musician Sharin Anderson

Carrie Bickmore is an Ivanhoe local.

Ivanhoe is where Cate Blanchett was raised.

Sam Bramham, a gold medalist in the paralympics, resides in Ivanhoe.

Brodie Grundy, a local of Ivanhoe.

Peter Helliar, a local of Ivanhoe.

Ivanhoe was the birthplace and upbringing of photographer Carol Jerrems (1949–1980).

The Twins Nervo

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