What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Back Pain?

What is the best way to get rid of back pain?
Effective Ways for Back Pain Self-Care Remedies

Nearly all people experience back pain at some point in their life that is so bad the pain can stop them from doing the things in life they enjoy. Poor posture, an injury, prolonged desk work, or simply the wear and tear of daily life can all hurt one’s quality of life through back pain. Mobility restrictions, difficulty with daily tasks, and even mental health issues can all be caused by chronic back pain.


The good news is that there are numerous methods for addressing the pain of this ubiquitous issue that don’t require prescribed medicine. Pain relief can be within reach thanks to easy home cures, lifestyle adjustments, and physical therapy. The eight tried-and-true suggestions in this blog will help you live a more comfortable and pain free life by reducing your back pain. Explore the most effective ways to get pain relief and recover your life from back pain.

Eight Tips To Help Ease Your Back Pain

One of the most common reasons people see their GP is for back pain. Many people will experience lower back pain at some point in their life. 

The back pain might range from a minor twist sustained while participating in sports to ongoing problems brought on by many complex factors that lead to systemic pain and being desperate for relief. In this blog, we provide eight simple recommendations to help relieve pain and maintain a healthy back:  

1. Strengthen Your Core Muscles To Resolve Back Pain

The best way to ensuring a healthy back and get relief from pain is to increase core strength. Your lower back is in charge of sustaining the full weight of your upper body, which is a heavy burden to bear. Over time, it may become fatigued from carrying weight all the time and cause you pain. 

The spine, however, receives the support it requires from a strong and toned set of surrounding muscles, effectively spreading the pressure and reducing unnecessary strain & pain on the lower back. It’s interesting to note that many daily tasks, such as working at a desk or performing housework, don’t actively activate or tone our core muscles. 

They are more prone to weakness and exhaustion due to this neglect which leads to pain and a sore back. Targeted exercises made especially for the core are essential to combat this type of pain. By dedicating a small amount of time every day to a carefully chosen set of core-strengthening exercises, we improve our core muscles, get better and pave the road for a healthier, more durable pain free back.  

Mat Pilates is a great way to build flexibility, strength and fitness

2. Stretch Your Body Daily To Reduce Pain

Accept the practice of stretching each day to avoid pain, increase flexibility and treat back injuries. The cause of back pain is frequently found to be tense muscles. These muscles can put excessive tension on the entire spinal structure, including its delicate joints, if they are not allowed to unwind and lengthen. 

Over time, a series of lower back pain problems may arise due to this persistent tension in your muscles creating back pain and loss of flexibility. Stretching muscles regularly into your everyday stretching exercises not only relieves tension and back pain in the moment but also promotes spinal health over the long run. Stretching exercises can be a preventive precaution and relieve back injuries ensuring your spine remains flexible, supported, and less vulnerable to accidents or persistent discomfort and back pain.  

3. Avoid Sitting With Poor Posture

Though temporarily comfortable, slouching or sinking into a chair is not good for our lower back muscles and will create pain long-term and may require prescribed back pain medicine to manage. Unbelievably, sitting incorrectly puts more strain on the discs in our lower spine than moving about, walking, or standing does. 

Think about it! 

Therefore, if your job or daily schedule is one of the types that requires you to sit down for long periods, here’s a nice reminder: get up occasionally, go for a short walk, and perform a few stretches to potentially avoid needing pain treatment. Although it’s a simple gesture, your back will undoubtedly appreciate the break and you’ll potentially avoid ongoing lower back pain.  Regularly standing up and going for a short walk will also relieve back injury tension, reduce pain and get you moving again. 

low back pain
Sitting with poor posture for long periods of time can lead to back pain that can easily be avoided

4. Take Walks And Do Outdoor Activities

Walking is a wonderful form of exercise for your body. It is not only mild and safe, but also extremely efficient. You accomplish more when you integrate brisk walking into your routine than just stretching your legs, whether it’s a short stroll outside or a longer promenade during lunch. 

You’re actively assisting in keeping a healthy weight. A healthier weight results in less strain on your back, which lowers your chances of back pain and discomfort. 

So put on those shoes and move one step closer to a more contented and pain free back!  

5. When Lifting Use Your Muscles Correctly

It’s important to lift things correctly to avoid back pain. When carrying large objects, we frequently don’t realise we’re bending our bodies in potentially dangerous ways since we’re in a rush. Such errors can result in discomfort, back pain and muscle sprains. 

The secret? Never overtax your back; instead, rely on the strength of your legs, which were built to perform such activities. And always remember that if something feels too heavy, you can always ask for help. Always prioritise safety and you’ll avoid unnecessary back pain!  

6. Watch Your Back When You Sleep

It’s important to have a good night’s sleep, but did you realise how you sleep might affect your back and lead to lower back pain? Although lying flat on your back may seem natural, it can put too much pressure on your spine. Put a cushion beneath your knees for a quick fix; it gently raises them and provides comfort. 

For those of us who prefer to sleep on our sides, a pillow placed between the knees can make all the difference regarding posture alignment and back comfort. Happy dreams!  

7. Be Active, Do Exercises & Maintain Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for your spinal health and management of back pain. Our backs frequently take the biggest hit from excess weight when we carry it. Uneven stress distribution could result from the spine tilting as it tries to balance this additional weight resulting in back pain. 

Without the proper support, our back can gradually stray from its natural position, leading to an unusual bend in the spine and creating back pain. 

Therefore, you may find relief from low back pain by maintaining a healthy weight that essential to keeping our spine in good condition and avoiding repetitive back pain injuries.  

Don't let back pain stop you from doing the things you love - reach out to us today for professional advice

8. Quit Smoking For Good

Quitting smoking is essential for your spine and stopping back pain, as well as your lungs. Smoking restricts blood flow to your vertebral discs, which cushions your spine. This may hasten the natural degeneration of these discs and that can lead to back pain. Smoking also hinders the body’s absorption of calcium, which is necessary for strong bones.

The outcome? An increased danger of osteoporosis, a disease in which bones weaken and are more likely to break, and create back pain for the patient.  

Back Pain Tips Wrap Up

Back pain management and its relief is a journey involving regular activities & routines, preventative measures, and prompt interventions – you want to ideally avoid the need for pain killers or prescribed medicine. Anyone looking for home remedies wishing to get rid of back pain and advance spinal health can use this blog as a “high level road map” that will provide benefit for them. 

We can significantly improve our chances of avoiding back pain problems by incorporating simple routines like walking, stretching, and maintaining good posture. 

Additionally, knowing when to seek professional guidance from professionals like us at Rosanna Physio can be crucial in handling more serious or ongoing back pain situations. 

As with many health issues like back pain, the pain management solution lies in a proactive attitude and well-informed choices. Adopt these suggestions, pay attention to your body, and move towards a pain-free, nimble back. 

Take control today and get rid of your back pain once and for all by booking in online or call (03) 6174 1635 to see one of our experienced Physiotherapists.

Back Pain

How To Reduce Chronic, Daily Annoying Back Pain WITHOUT Injections, WITHOUT Painkillers, So You Can Get Back Doing What You Enjoy In Life!

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