What Does a Womens Health Physio Do?

What Does a Womens Health Physio Do?
Learn About Women's Physiotherapy

Imagine you’re battling a chronic headache – it’s there when you wake up, it hovers throughout your day, and it’s the last thing you feel before sleep. That’s how some women describe living with unaddressed pelvic health issues.  It really can and does impact the quality of their lives.

You may not be aware that there are women’s health physiotherapists who specialise in helping women manage these often silent and overlooked health problems. Their role is more critical and in demand than you might realise, and in this blog, we will explain their unique skillset in detail.

You will see that it’s not just about women’s health physio education & training (although that is crucially import) but you’ll see it’s also very much about helping people feel relaxed and at ease working with them on a potentially sensitive issue.

So let’s talk about what these valued professionals do and how their expertise could change your life for the better.

Understanding Women's Physiotherapy

To understand women’s health physiotherapy, it’s important to know that these specialised professionals focus on treating conditions unique to women, such as pelvic floor weakness, incontinence, and pelvic pain.

A women’s health physio has specialised training that enables them to offer a personalised, empathetic approach to your health. 

They can provide a tailored exercise plan to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, manage incontinence, and alleviate pain.

Whether preparing for pregnancy, recovering postpartum, or moving through menopause, a pregnancy physio (an important area of women’s health physio) can guide you through these significant life stages.

Pelvic pain can be a serious issue that stops you from enjoying your daily activities.

They can help you prepare your body for the changes it will experience during pregnancy and childbirth and support your body’s healing process postpartum. They’ll also assist you in staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout these changes.

Additionally, a women’s health physiotherapist isn’t limited to biological women. They also extend their expertise to transgender women undergoing gender affirmation procedures. They understand the unique challenges you might face and can provide the right treatment and support you need. In the hands of a skilled, experienced and empathetic women’s physiotherapist, you’re not alone in your health journey.

Common Problems Addressed by Physiotherapy

In the domain of women’s health physiotherapy, common problems like pelvic floor weakness, incontinence, pelvic pain, and prolapse are addressed with empathy and expertise. 

A startling one in three women experience urinary incontinence, and many others suffer silently from other pelvic health concerns.

As a woman, your body undergoes unique changes and challenges. 

Pain during sex, menopausal symptoms, and complications arising from gender affirmation procedures for transgender women all fall within the purview of women’s health physio. 

Pregnancy Physiotherapy is an important area of women's health physio - covering pregnancy preparation, birth or postnatal care.

The professionals you’ll meet in this field have undergone specialised training beyond their physiotherapy qualifications to provide care tailored to your needs.

In a comfortable environment, these physiotherapists offer understanding and support for often unspoken problems. They’ll work with you to create a treatment plan that addresses your concerns, offering solutions like muscle-strengthening exercises, manual therapy, lifestyle advice, and more.

Women’s health physiotherapy is here to improve your symptoms and overall wellbeing. Any good women’s health physio will naturally make you feel like you’re seen, you’re heard, and you belong here.

Pelvic Health Assessment and Treatment Techniques

As part of your journey with women’s health physiotherapy, you’ll experience detailed assessments and hands-on treatment techniques designed specifically for your needs. These specialists support you, providing personalised care and developing tailored treatment plans to address your unique pelvic health concerns.

Your physiotherapist will perform detailed subjective and objective assessments. They’ll take the time to understand your medical history and current concerns, looking for things like neural irritation, movement restrictions, and muscle weaknesses.

These assessments will inform a range of treatment techniques, examples such as:

If necessary, they might even refer you for further assessments, always with your wellbeing at heart. The focus is always on improving your symptoms and enhancing your overall health.

Other Benefits of Women's Physiotherapy

Aside from relieving symptoms, women’s health physiotherapy aims to empower you through education. By better understanding your body, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions about your health. 

This knowledge, combined with muscle-strengthening exercises, manual therapy, and lifestyle advice, can help you manage and alleviate your pelvic health concerns.

Women’s health physiotherapy isn’t just about treating conditions – it’s about improving your overall wellbeing and giving you the tools to live your life to the fullest.

Pregnancy Physio, Birth and Postnatal Care

It’s worth discussing Pregnancy Physio in a bit more detail as many women who see a women’s health physiotherapist do so for pregnancy and postnatal care. 

Whether you’re expecting a baby or have recently given birth, understanding pregnancy and postnatal physio care is essential for your wellbeing. This specialised care aims to support you in the beautiful yet challenging journey of motherhood.

Pregnancy and postnatal physio care is more than just a series of exercises. It includes:

Summing Up Women's Health Physio...

You’re not alone in your struggles with pelvic health issues. A women’s health physiotherapist is here to guide and support you. They offer thorough assessments and personalised care and can connect you with suitable therapies.

Remember, it’s about easing symptoms and enhancing your overall wellbeing. Whether it’s pregnancy care or menopause management, their expertise can make a significant difference.

So, don’t hesitate to reach out and start your journey towards improved health and comfort.

Please book appointment here or call us on (03) 4821 5023 if you have questions and want to learn about your pelvic health – book in for a pelvic assessment tailored to your care, needs and well-being.  

Our North East Melbourne metro based physiotherapy clinic is open six days a week and you can book your appointment online for convenience.

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